Thursday, November 1, 2007

follow the yellow brick road

ok, i have got to say even if it sounds like i am a gloating mother,
on halloween. oh my gosh.

i saw these darling little shoes at target a few months ago and that is when my vision started. i had planned on j and c being ragedy ann and andy this year, but after seeing these shoes and getting the wiz idea i had to go with it.
i broke down and bought jadeyns costume. i can even think about sewing until my house is painted and more organized. the costume ended up being really cute i mean REALLY cute. she was adorable. i just couldn't stop remarking on how darling she looked. she had a ball. she would literally run from one house to the next. at first she was like what is going on, and then when she realized she got food from this whole thing, she was all for it. it was so fun to watch her.
cortland's little costume was definitely and little homemade job, but it actually looked really cute on him. we made some straw bracelets, anklets and necklace for him and then added some patches to his overalls and plaid shirt. he was so darling too. he had a ball and sucked on one sucker the whole night. everyone thought he was so cute.
maddox was the lion. i made this costume for bennett when he was a baby and every boy has wore it since. it is a good thing, because that costume was nightmare. i am happy we are getting great use out of it. as always in good old maddox fashion he didn't complain the whole night and the hat full of lion curls didn't bother him a bit. his little brown eyes matched his little costume perfectly. have i mentioned how much i love this boy?
bennett was the tin man. he was silver from head to toe. he looked darling and could not get over all the candy he got. he kept saying mommy do i keep all of this? over and over and over. he was cute and had fun with the whole theme. this is a crazy picture i know, but it was hard to get him to hold still long enough to get a good one.
so after trick or treating in our neighborhood we went to the church for trunk or treating. we actually had a pretty great turnout. we weren't expecting many since it was on halloween, but there were tons of people there. it was great.
ok, so here's a question for you all. do you remember when we were young-er and we would go trick or treating? I remember most of the candy being smarties, or sprees or something of that nature. I am not sure my kids got any of that. everything is chocolate and good stuff. not so good if you are trying to lose 20 pounds, but stuff that we never got as kids at least in that amount. my favorites were the reeces and i remember only getting about 3 or 4 in my whole bag. so is candy cheaper now, or are people just over the whole smarties era? I wonder?

{debby, you have got to be lovin' this}


Paige said...

Very very cute!! How did all the silver paint come off?? ;)

terica said...

really easy actually.

janet said...

Oh my! Your kids are SO darling! I especially love the little lion outfit... and believe it or not, I remember Bennett's first halloween. You took those great pics of him by the pumpkins. Anyway, the costumes are fabulous... and yes, my kids scored on good candy this year too-- tons of chocolate bars! Yum!

Karyn said...

I want three boys and a girl so we can do this for halloween. Too darn cute. Maybe we'll just have to add a witch since we already have two girls. :) Way to take the inspiration the whole nine yards! Brilliant.

Karyn said...

We got lots of chocolate and good stuff. The people handing out "penny candy" gave generous handfuls. Halloween is a big holiday. We are all sugared out.

Stephanie said...

HOW CUTE! You are so awesome for thinking of this. Your kids are such cuties!

Alison said...

Love all the costumes! SOOOO fun to see the pics...thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

Love all the costumes! SOOOO fun to see the pics...thanks for sharing!