Tuesday, October 14, 2008

getting to know baby paxton

what a great week it has been at home with all of our children. it has been so fun having them all at home getting to know each other. the kids just can't stand it they are so in love with him. i love that they love him.

paxton, i love you hair line. you are not going to be out done by your brothers colics, you are right there in the running for the craziest hair lines.

i love they way you cry when you are getting your diaper changed and that is THE only time you cry. i know you are just showing us how very well your lungs are working.

i love that at night when i think you have been too quiet you always move or make a little noise to set me at ease.

i love how you allow your older siblings to maul you without any complaints.

i love you tiny body and how you like to be all squished up.

i love how you take you own little sweet time to eat...more time to hold you.

i love that even though you look like my son, you have your own little look to you at the same time.

i love that even though you are my fifth child and the fifth of so many young ones, somehow you being here has made me more calm and patient.

i love how laid back you are and how adaptable you have been since we have been home.

i love that you are mine forever.

one thing i don't love...you are almost 3 weeks old and my time with you is already going to fast!!! Please time, SLOW DOWN!!!!


kellyfamily4 said...

Terica, he is so beautiful!

Amber said...

So sweet. I love your positive outlook on life. You are making me baby hungry! :)