Friday, October 17, 2008

i did it...

paxton had his one month appointment this morning. i cannot believe we are a month old already, but i am not even going to go there. i was hoping to get someone to come watch the other three while i ventured out, but no luck. so i had to do the impossible...take all four children with me. i know, people have done it before, i am not the first to attempt this, but i was really worried. all four of my kids that i took are still to young to really understand safety, manners, and they aren't to the point where they understand bribery or coincidences, so that is why i was worried.

so i fed paxton this morning, got them all ready even did jadeyn's hair, got them all out to the car, buckled, and off we were. we even got to the doctors office with 5 minutes to spare...that i was really impressed by. we even walked in with out losing anyone, or anything. i told myself before we left, i can make this easy on myself or hard, stress or not stress and i chose to not stress.

there were three sets of twins in the office waiting. the girls at the desk looked at me like i had two heads when we walked in. they said so you brought them all huh? ah, looks like it. i even asked if they could just get their flu shots while we were there, so then they knew i was crazy taking that on by myself too, but hey that was one last time i had to bring them all in. i had everyone in the office asking me all kids of questions. it was kind of funny. i was just happy that it went smooth. every one always assumes madd and cort are the twins, because they are both boys i guess so then when i say no they say oh they are triplets, no boy girl twins. then they get real confused, because apparently it is impossible to have a baby after twins?!?!

they all go their shots and they didn't even flinch. i was shocked. cort went first and he did so good and then jadeyn asked for her turn next. the nurses commented on them being so good, so they didn't think i was quite as crazy since they were good kids for having that many that close.

when we were all done and after paxton had his one month check and got the thumbs up we ran to mcdonald's for a happy meal.

i am so happy i did it. i do not want to do it again, in case it doesn't go as smooth, but for now i am so pleased with my outing.

on a side note, my headaches still have not died down. when ever i bend over it hits me hard and starts in my neck. i found out the only way to fix it is having my own blood pumped back into my spine where they put the spinal...does not sound fun and for sure something i do not plan on doing, so i will just wait the 6 months for it to go away. but don't feel sorry for me, i am the luckiest.


gloria said...

Wow, you really are amazing!! I don't feel sorry for you at all!! You're my hero!! heheh..

Anonymous said...

I know you alreday told me today, but KUDDOS for you!! You are AWESOME!