Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Goodness

Delish Caramel Apples with 6 different toppings! Oh boy do we make treats around here around this time.

I think it may be some sort of addiction to find all these

fun things for the kids to make and eat.

We have been keeping ourselves busy that is for sure.

Here are some of our spooky treats and eats!

Spider Web cupcakes.

Mummy Dogs

Bennett getting the apples ready.

These kids acted like this was the best day of their lives. Andy wanted to get Paxton in the picture too!

Making brownie rollups. You just make a batch of brownies and when they have cooled off a bit and are still warm you take a piece and roll in up into a ball and dip them into your favorite sprinkle or topping.

Maddox represents! This hat is like his left arm. It goes everywhere with him.

This is a little tribute to uncle B!!!!!

We celebrated Cami's, Andy's, Joy's and Marc's birthday in October with some amazing Pumpkin Cupcakes!!!

Ghosts for Breakfast.

Making Spider Cookies!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my where do you find the energy! sounds so yummy I want to live at your house.