Friday, October 10, 2008

when we got home

she would look at me with the brightest smile I have ever seen like she was just so pleased with life!
this little one just could not contain his excitement
he is so sweet and soft with him
a little visit from the great fun for them to meet him

I have been meaning to post this photos for almost 2 weeks now and I am just now getting to it. These were taken when we came home. I have to tell you the kids were so SO excited to have us home. I knew they would love the baby, but I really had no idea how very excited they would be to hold him, hug him, kiss on him. Jadeyn just is in heaven her real life baby doll. Cortland is so cute when he comes up to him and says to him be so soft and Maddox quite frankly can not contain himself he gets so excited. When we came home he kept saying "wanna hold it" it melted my heart. When he was holding him he literally shake from so much excitement. It was so sweet. Bennett loves this baby so much it is so sweet. I am so grateful they had accepted him so well they way they have and love him so much. I think they may just love him too much because I cannot keep their little mouths off of Paxton's. Maddox is not satisfied unless his lips touch Paxton's lips...should be fun trying to keep that from happening...wish me luck!

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Sariah English said...

I'm so baby hungery.....