Friday, October 3, 2008

meeting the new baby

The kids were able to come up two times to see baby Paxton. They were so cute with him. Jadeyn and Paxton were so excited. Cortland loved seeing him too and Bennett loved seeing him so much. My little Bennett was so worried the whole time about little baby Paxton.
A cute little story about Bennett...
When we were in the first hospital and we were talking to Bennett we told him that his lungs were underdeveloped so he needed to see a specialist at another hospital. This was so stressful to our sweet Bennett. We figured out why it was when he called and asked me if he had a big head and a little body like the people on TV? I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I realized he thought that little Paxton was a midget. He had seen a preview once for the show little people big world and asked why they were small like that and Andy said because they didn't develop the same way we did and with the word specialist mentioned to him he thought Paxton was "special". Poor guy. We felt so bad he was so worried. He really struggled while the baby and I were not home. I still feel sad for him. When he was finally able to come to the hospital he said, "well he looks just like a normal tiny baby". I was so happy his little worries were relieved.

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