Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this friday

This Friday we are getting our pictures taken by this really awesome photographer that did my cousins recent wedding. Her pics were amazing and I noticed on her website that they do family photos as well. We decided before it got cold we wanted to our family's picture done. Why I am doing this a month after having a baby is beyond me, but we are.

I am having a hard time coordinating outfits. I want it to be neutral enough that we can have the photo up all year. So nothing really light or heavy. I would like to wear all the same color sort of. We have always done white shirts and either jeans or khakis, but I am not sure what to do this year. I wish I could see some really awesome pics of a darling family and get some ideas of what to wear. I am so excited about this photo op and I don't want to wish we would have wore something else...you know? Anyway, I have 3 days to decided. Look forward to some great shots, at least of the kids. I wonder if she can photo shop about 30 pounds off of me and make sure Andy has his eyes open???

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Shane, Megan, & Carter said...

I was going to respond with links to some awesome photographer's sites with cute clothes on the subjects, but then I realized this post was made on Tuesday and today is Friday, therefore it's probably too late! I hope it went well, or will go well sometime today! You're such great-looking people, I'm sure it will be great!