Sunday, October 12, 2008

lovin it...


I love the weather!

I love the smells!

I love my pumpkin candle!

I love the pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting we made!

I love the long sleeve outfits for my kiddos!

I love layering clothes for me!

I love jackets!

I love Halloween!

I love the leaves changing!

I love the smell of burning leaves!

I love the caramel apples we made last night!

I love the meal in a pumpkin I will make tomorrow night!

I love the crafts we are doing with the kids!

I love the skeleton I bought for our yard!

I love pumpkin pancakes!

I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies we will make!

I love the kids costumes!

I love pumpkin picking with the kiddos!

I love the four day weekend, thank you CC!

I love how it gets darker earlier, only because it is significant with this time of year!

I could really go on and on, but one thing I have just realized I don't like is all the yummy foods I listed, that will not help with my journey to lose my 20 or 30, but who's counting, right? Oh yeah, I am, but still I love this time of year!


Sarah said...

Fall is my favorite, as well.

And pumpkin cupcakes?? Those sound yummy!!

Sariah English said...

Many, I wish I could be enjoying this fall. I have to wait for the SNOW to melt first. Other than that I agree with all those loves you have!

gloria said...

Sariah, SNOW!!!! oh my goodness. Anyways- those yummy snacks do sound great!! You have not slowed down at all. I hope you feel like your at the top of your game now!! You're amazing!