Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last night

Yes I know these photos need to be turned, but for some reason it won't let me turn them from the disc?!?

Last night I had the opportunity to get sweet baby Paxton's picture taken. I was interested to see how well he would do. He did so good. The lady snapped 100 shots and said she normally does 30, they were just all so good. I had wanted to get his picture taken so long ago and when they could do it I couldn't and when I could they were booked. By this time with Bennett he had his picture taken 3 times professionally! That is a little over bored I can fully admit!

He did such a good job and did not make a peep, he was almost too relaxed. I even had him naked and he did such a good job. My mom cried during the pictures and while we were picking them out and when we were all done. She is emotional, normally when it comes to children, especially mine, but the whole ordeal we went through with this sweet baby, just really pushed her over the edge when it comes to emotions. All she does is look at him and cries. It is really sweet. Anyway, we hooked her up with some photos and then she took me out to dinner, and to Red Lobster, which is my favorite! What a nice mom. It was so fun just her and I and the baby being out somewhere.

Speaking of my mom, she stayed with me a whole week and took off work. I can not put into words how much we appreciated her doing that. She is so good with my kids. It is a lot of work, and she handles it so well. She doesn't just watch them, she plays and interacts so well with them. I love watching her teach them something new. I love that she loves being a grandma to our children. I honestly feel like I know she loves me even more, by the relationship she has with her grandchildren. I feel so lucky to have her in my life and in their lives. We are so blessed to have our families near by. I would not trade it for anything!!!!

Thanks mom for a great week and all the time you sacrifice to be with us. We all love it around here a little bit more when you are around...Andy still thinks you should move in!!!!


Sarah said...

He is SO precious!

Jackie said...

Such beautiful pictures! It is always so hard to schedule for pics in our family - if the timing is perfect then the kids go and do something to their face so you have to reschedule... But I can totally understand your mom's reaction, the pics in combination with the miracle is very touching! Congrats on another beautiful child!

Chelsey said...

He's adorable! Congrats again!