Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sometimes I wish I was not quite the perfectionist I want to be. Sometimes I wish I could just wipe off the kitchen table instead of cleaning every square of it the legs and all. Sometimes I wish I could just sweep instead of scrubbing it all floor boards included. Sometimes I wish I could just brush the crumbs off the counters instead of wiping every square inch of it including the appliances with a Clorox wipe {which I should own stock in I go through a 5 pack from Sam's in 2 weeks}. Sometimes. I have to say I love it when it is all done, but why can't I make things easier for my self. I wish I could go to bed at night without vacuuming first and running the dishwasher and hanging up that last load of clothes. I wish. But I just can't. When I am cleaning something that whole entire time I am doing it I am thinking about something else I need to clean next and then next and then next. I guess it is good when I have the energy to do it, but sometimes just sometimes I wish I would just let it all be. But that sometime is not today folks, it never ends! I mean if I don't "Clorox" the door handles, light switches, remote and phones, what would we ever do?!?! :)

This just makes me giggle. I love it so much. The twins dancing like Gabba Gabba, Cortland in Snow White with a lady bug cap and then Maddox cuts in. So. Darn. Cute!

I know I sounds obnoxious I am just trying to get Cortland to look at the camera!


Jackie said...

What darling little princesses!! How fun that they have each other!
And can I just say yay for clorox wipes! I find that if I do let myself go every once in a while it makes cleaning up afterwards so much harder. And stressful.

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! I think I am your twin! I think I even use Clorox wipes on things I shouldn't, but it's gotta be clean, right? :)