Friday, October 3, 2008

missing them

Moments before taking him home....FINALLY!!!

While I was gone, I was so sad to be away from my family. I could not get my husband and other children off of my mind. I had a lot of guilt and a lot of tears over missing them so much. Luckily I knew when Andy wasn't with them my mom and dad were or my sister in law Michelle. I was so grateful for that because I knew they were well taken care of and were being loved while they were away from me. It was so hard. I got to the point that I only could think of them or really mention their names during my nighttime prayers. And the tears were over flowing I must say. I knew I needed to be there with Paxton and I didn't want to be anywhere else, but still it was so sad to be away from my other cuties. And every time Andy left at night I would cry like a baby and I felt so bad for making Andy so sad and he would have to give me pep talks each time we saw each other. He was so great through it all, but that is a whole other post!

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