Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to my main man...

On the 29th of September we celebrated Andy's birthday. It was fun it was our first full day home from the hospital and it was nice to all be together for his birthday. My parents were here and my grandma made his favorite cake, german chocolate, and the kids each had a turn at blowing out the candles. I had like 3 things in mind to get him for his birthday even though we normally don't get each other presents, but since I didn't get it before I had Paxton, I wasn't able to get him anything. He didn't care though. And he mentioned having Paxton home was gift enough. I do agree!

I remember the second night in the hospital after having Paxton thinking I am so happy that my husband and I have a good relationship. Stressful things can really be even more stressful to a marriage that isn't strong, or it can even unite a marriage more. Even though I think we have a pretty perfect marriage, going through the whole Paxton stress made us realize even more how much we love each other. Friday night at the hospital they bring you a celebration dinner. It was prime rib, shrimp, rolls, fresh green beans, a salad, cheesecake and black forest cake. It was so fun. When they first brought it in I was in the middle of a break down and wasn't being so nice and sure wasn't in the mood to celebrate, but looking at my husband and realizing how much I really had to celebrate I quickly changed my tune.

I am so grateful for him in my life. I really could not create personally a better husband. There is nothing I would change. I am so blessed. Every night he would come see us at the hospital I would just cry and cry before he would have to leave. I hated being away from him, it killed me. He even said at night when he would go to bed he didn't have a good feeling, and he realized it was because I wasn't there. He is so sweet and I totally understand what he means. We truly were meant to be together.

Andy I love you and I hope you had a great birthday. It was 15 years to the date that we had met. I was walking out of English class my Junior year of high school, I knew of him, but didn't know him, and he said, are you Terica B* and I said yeah, and he said I am Andy E* and it is my birthday today! I thought that was so funny and now every year on his birthday we remember the many years before when we met. Such a funny moment! I am so happy on that day September 29, 1993 I met what would end up being my main man.

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Sariah English said...

I never knew this story! What a hoot. I think it is great to have that memory. It is like mine and swearing never to date Jake again because he is the biggest nerd ever!lol