Monday, January 12, 2009

Company Party

We were so excited to go to Andy's company party this year. It is funny because same as last year I get so nervous right before to leave the kids, and second guess myself, but I am always so happy when we go.

We got in right before the party. We got ready at the hotel that met us with delicious chocolates. The hotel is just so beautiful. We took Paxton with us. We were going to take him to the party with us. They had hired babysitters for the party, so we went by there to see how we felt about it and left him with them. I still cannot believe I did that. It was so nice though just being together. I am sure he liked it more too because he just slept in the pack and play.
Their home was as georgous as ever. SO fancy. All the food was amazing. The cheesecake bar was fabulous. It is so fun being there with all the Christmas decorations and everyone dressed up so nicely. I love Andy in a tux so that is an added bonus.
We wrapped up the night around 9 and recieved our lovely parting gift. This year was much more useful to us! Last year 100 dollar wine glasses, not so much!
We had so much fun. It was a really fun night. Best part was we were asleep by 10:30 and slept in until 9!!! And breakfast was free and I didn't have to make it! Now that is a good time!

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