Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hats off to Disney

If you don't know we are pretty much Disney fanatics around here. We pretty much love everything Disney. Truly there is something just magical about everything they do. I love that my kids are big fans too!

Andy came home one night after work and said he had heard that they had some really cheap Disney on Ice tickets so I checked it out. Sure enough they had 15 dollar seats. That is a of money to us, but when you consider a movie is not much less and this is for sure more entertaining we did it. I personally think 15 dollars was great for what we got!

We dropped baby Paxton off with my mom and my mom and dad were in Heaven the whole night. We quickly drove to the metro and jumped on the train headed downtown. The kids LOVED the train like nothing else. It was so fun for them.

We got there and asked about ticket prices. They had six tickets down on the floor for 480. No thanks so we opted for the 15 tickets and they were only 6 rows up from the ice. That was a no brainer. We had amazing seats which I was happy about because I knew that would keep their attention longer.

It was so much fun. They were entertained the entire time. They each got a treat and we had some cotton candy, popcorn and Bennett got a snow cone. It was all so good, the show was amazing. I wish they would have showed more cars. The kids loved that. Little Mermaid was good too.
On a side note, on the way over there we told the kids we were going to see Mickey Mouse and they thought we were going back to Disney World! I wish! Funny thing is, I STILL have not posted about our Disney trip! How can that be. It was like 7 months ago! I am ashamed!

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Sariah English said...

SOunds like it was a blast!