Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Nativity

I probably have enough traditions I do with our family around the holidays that drive Andy crazy. He doesn't seem to mind, but now looking at it all, maybe it is a bit much. Every year we act out the Nativity from Luke though, the night before Christmas to remind our children what we are really celebrating.
Is it any surprise Jadeyn is our Mary, and it looks like she will win the role every year. Just saying.
They have so much fun and are so reverent and sweet when we do it. They know.
They know how special of an occurrence the birth of our Savior truly was and still is.

After the Nativity we read the night before Christmas, set out our cookies and off to bed they go. Then I get our cinnamon rolls ready for the next morning. They are SO good. After we set everything out then off to bed we go ready for what the morning will bring us!

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