Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pray for me!

I am potty training three kids! I need all the prayers I can get.

A few months ago around September, Jadeyn was ready and willing to potty train. I, however, wasn't. I know it sounds crazy, but I was VERY pregnant and I did not want her to revert back after the baby had come. So I put it off. I mean technically I guess she still did it herself. She did a very good job training herself by herself. I never once reminded her or asked her to go. Most mornings she woke up dry as well as after naps, although I did put diapers on her when she slept...I am not crazy! I have enough work to do around here other than clean up pee!

Anyway, now we are serious around here. I am ready to not change 4 diapers every second of my day. I am ready for a break, I am ready for a "raise"! Going from 4 kids into diapers to one kids in diapers, we could start a college fund!!!

I believe that the best way to train kids is let them decide when they are ready to be trained. That is what I did with Bennett and he did it all on his own and NEVER had an accident even at night. He was almost three, but as long as he trained that was all I cared about. So now with these kids I just waited till Cortland was ready since J has been ready for so long. So he is always wanting to be on the toilet now and Maddox has followed suit. We will have to see how serious he is about it, but every single time he gets on the toilet he squeezes it out! He is so cute! Anyway, we will see how it goes, and by the end of the night I will be sure to add some photos of our day!!!!

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Sariah English said...

Uh, you do need some seriouse prayers! I am STILL trying to do Kimball. Warren is still not very interested. Oh, will it ever end?