Sunday, January 18, 2009

What did I do???!!!


My little sweet girl has a problem. She needs to join an anonymous group. I wonder if they have a I twirl my hair to much? Last summer she had twirled her hair so much that she created a bald spot, but luckily you could not see it very well because other hair laid over it. Well she had stopped for a while and then it came back with a vengeance. I was so sad because I loved her long blond beautiful hair and I was not one to get my daughters hair cut. I mean I would not have let it get so long she could walk on it, but to me little girls are meant to have long hair.

About a month ago I realized though that her hair looked pretty bad. It was very stringy and was broke off on the whole right side due to twirling. I knew I had to break down and get her a hair cut. It was a sad realization.

Luckily a new little place opened up really close to our home. It is a new little children's boutique and salon. I was so happy when they opened. I have hated that they didn't have anything like that here. So I made the appointment.

It was sad watching it all come off. She was so content though. I wasn't sure what she would do. I told her what we were doing and she was so excited. Although I have to think she loved the fact that is was just her and her mom. When we got there they had her pick out a movie and sit up on a big truck. She did so well. She did everything they asked her to do. The boys have always been like that and have had so many cuts, but since she has never had her hair cut I was wondering how she would do. I was so impressed by her.
When it was all over she looked at her self and she said, "I like it!" She instantly grew like 3 years and all of a sudden looked SO much older! She got 11 inches cut off! I have to admit though I really like it. I have always thought those little bobs look so cute on little girls and wanted another girl so I could have a long haired little girl and a bob haircut little girl. Well now I have had both I guess. You could tell she felt so special too and just love it. And guess what? She doesn't twirl anymore. She will put her hand up there, but she can't really twirl so she doesn't do it. It is so nice. It looks so thick and full. She just loves it and you can tell she feels so cute. They gave her a big sucker and a frame with her picture and hair in it that says first hair cut. They also put a little pink butterfly clip in her hair and she hasn't let go of it since and it has been two weeks! My little baby girl is not looking quite so little anymore! But, man is she ever cute!!!!
You can see in all these pictures how her hair was just breaking off! SO sad!

PS...We are officially growing it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hahah!! that is so cute! She does look adorable! and it was the greatest thing if it stopped her twirling. My mom did that and now that she is older her hair is SO thin where she twirled! She does look darling and i love that she loves it!

kellyfamily4 said...

I love it!!!!! Its so adorable! I was so sad when Savanni got her little bob, but we love it!

Sariah English said...

I totally understand about the fist hair cut! I had issues with it that Phoebe didn't get her first hair cut till she was FOUR! I cut it so short and was shocked at how grown up she looked. We are not growing it back out again. Jayden looks so grown up!!

Jamie said...

Such a darling haircut! I really do love it. What a sweet little face she has and now her hair frames it perfectly.

You are such an amazing mom Terica. I aspire to be like you some day (:

Good luck with the potty training!! Wow, three kids at once--that sounds crazy!