Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maddox Turns Two

Ok, this is getting ridiculous! How on earth are all my children growing up so fast! It does seem like he should be two because he seems just like he is an extension of the twins, and he does have a younger brother now, but still, he is my baby.Maddox celebrated his birthday twice this year. We had a little party with Andy's family while Cherise and Nicole were still home from college. That was fun. He got a cute Mr. Potato head that is a police officer and a huge sticker book he also got a darling little Dr. Kit and a fun monkey book. {thanks aunt Sarah!, she is one of Nicole's friends but we have adopted her into our family!}We had cupcakes and a good time. I had to throw one of this little baby too! He loved both parties. That many more arms for him to be in!
His second party was really fun too. This time I ventured out to make an Elmo cake along with Elmo invites. The invites looked pretty cute, the cake not a master piece, but he loved it and that is all that matters. I don't know why I even attempt to make cakes because I am NEVER satisfied and I am just embarrassed by the outcome, but as long as the child likes it then I am good. He got some great things at this party too. It is funny because in true Maddox fashion is was almost like he didn't like being the one in the spot light. Not like he was mad or not good, just indifferent and would not have minded if it were someone elses birthday. Everyone commented on how good he was at the twins party and didn't feel left out at all, but that is his personality. Just easy come easy go. Am I lucky or what!?!He got several outfits and an Elmo thing that you put together that he has loved, a bounce back racer which has been a hit around here, a little people garage, a scooter, rain boots and many more fun things. He had such a great time.
We also celebrated Maddox birthday with my grandpas birthday. He turned 81 just a day before Maddox turned two. It is weird because when I hear the age 81 I think that sounds old, yet on my grandparents it literally is like the new 60, because they do not seem olderish at all! I am so lucky to live near my grandparents. It is something I cherished growing up and I am so thankful we have the same opportunity to provide that to our children. It is fun to have a birthday so close to his. We enjoy celebrating them together. It was a long late night and so fun. It was so fun to celebrate the birth of such a sweet special little boy! We love you Maddox, dearly!

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Sariah English said...

I think your elmo cake turned out great! Just tell yourself that it doesn't matter what you think! Your kids are going to look back on those photos and know that there are so loved and adored!