Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Makeover

Master Bedroom Edition

Still need something over the bed. I was thinking of a big monogram. I am standing in the room. I should have gotten a better picture of the whole room. Maybe I will try get a better one. But behind where I am standing there is a hall way with two closest on each side and it leads into the master bathroom. That will probably be next week! Just what you all want to see my bathroom!

I have several pictures I will be hanging on the wall to the left.

My dresser.

Andy's arimore.

My cute 10 month old baby pictures. Soon there will be another one added.

One more with a cute baby on it. So cute if you ask me.I know I have really been slacking on my Monday Makeovers and I hope to pick back up on those. I also hope to keep up on my blog better so I don't have to have a day of uploading over 15 posts. I even added pics to Thanksgiving, and Maddox birthday day. Be sure to check out Paxton's video! It is so cute. Also the couch dilemma;solved is somewhere in there too! Happy reading!!!!!


Sariah English said...

I really like the bed, can I buy one and get a cute little baby with it? I really want one!

Jackie said...

You've been working hard! The room is AMAZING!