Monday, January 5, 2009

Sweet boy Maddox, Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my little darling boy's birthday. I cannot believe he is TWO YEARS OLD. Well I can, but it has just gone by so fast. He seems so much older than one, so of course he should be two, but still, my babies are growing up!

Most of you know that Maddox was a huge SURPRISE. I am talking HUGE! Not only were we covering all of our bases with birth control, I was nursing twins and it had taken me three years to get pregnant with the twins. To say I was shocked by a positive pregnancy test would be a huge understatement. It is weird though when something you weren't planning for comes and makes SO much since.

Maddox is such a sweet little boy. He walks around so content and rarely is in need of something. His smile is like no other smile I know. There is something so bright and familiar to it, something almost magical with a sweet sparkle in the pupils. It just melts my heart. He is a sweetheart through and through and I honestly know that he was sent to me because of his disposition, just calm and tender. It helps that our fourth child born a year after twins, has these attributes.

He thinks and acts like he is one of the twins. He is so sweet to baby Paxton and is Bennett's best friend. He is a TOTAL daddy's boy! I think he likes his mama a little bit too:)! He so fits in to our little home. I have to say though the best part of my sweet little Maddox is...HE IS MINE!!!!

Maddox, Happy Birthday buddy! I love you so much. I know there is no way to express to you the love we have for you. You are truly a sweet spirit. I have always said the toughest thing about being a parent is knowing there is no way my children could possibly know how much I love them. That is hard for me. But I promise to every day try to make you understand it and feel it.


Sariah English said...

Happy Birthday Maddox! Look out for a card in the mail.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday big boy! Wow has it been 2 yrs already? I remember seeing you when you were pregnant with him, chasing around those little twins of yours and thinking, "Man has she got her work cut out for her!" and then realizing that was what my mil went through with my husband and siblings. It sounds like your kids are angels though... :)

SimplySarah said...

He is such a cutie!!

I cannot wait to be his nanny!! :)

PS. Do you remember what movie comes out this Friday???

When are we going??? :)

pace family said...


I don't know how you do it but you sure make it look easy. We miss you guys. Can't believe how big the kids are getting. Keep in touch!