Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a little about me me me

Yesterday while in the shower I was thinking about the things I like right now, a day in my life, what my guilty pleasures are, my favorite tv shows, songs and times of day would be. As I was thinkinng about it probably because I had had a super busy wedding/easter weekend and did not have a lot of "me" time {me=down time} so all this me me me stuff was running through my head.

As my birthday is approaching on me quickly I thought I would write a few things down about me, to remember and look back upon someday. Hope you are not too bored!!!

A few of my faves:

Almond M&M's -luckily I am sick of them at the moment

American Idol - of course

Andy -obvioulsy not in any particular order

King of Queens -love that guy

Facebook - a little too much maybe

my sweet baby -dang is there anything cuter in this world?

my twins -I wanted them before I was in middle school only they are even better


Bennett -the boy who made me a mommy the one thing I have always wanted in this life

A home -I love decorating this place

Fresh Flowers -I have three arangements in my house right now and I love it!

Freshly mopped floors -only I wish they would stay that way longer

My fenced in back yard -Heaven on earth

Massages at Massage Envy -my hubby is SO nice and thoughtful

Foot Rubs -Wish my hubby like doing this:)

Monolpoly Deal

My new craft room

My green laptop

Working with the Young Women in church...love them all so much!

Ticket to ride and Cities and Knights

A freshly swept garage

Words on my wall -I am getting a little carried away possibly :>}

The fact that I have one brother, but married into 17 siblings now

Pedicures...I could go every week and wish I could or had the time too

Date nights with my husband -wish they occurred more often

Any fresh fruit -I love fruit of all kinds and could live off of it

I love my Nissan Armada -I love that our whole family fits inside nicely

yard work -starting next week there will be a lot of that

A freshly painted room -there has been a lot of that

Hobby Lobby -I love that place

Pottery Barn Kids -ditto

I love having my mom come over on her days off

Instant messaging is so nice -love you Paige

Color on my hair -too many greys coming through and I need a new color!

Taking my kiddos to the Little Gym - I love my time there

I love to hear on of my favorite songs on the radio or artists -Taylor Swift, Justin, Beyonce{yes I love one of her songs}, Rihanna, of course Kelly Clarkson even if she says repeatedly the word suck which we do not say in our home...I love that song still!, Carrie Underwood, Plain white T's oh and the list goes on and on!

St. Louis Bread Co. most of you probably know it by Panera, but we all know where that wonderful place hails from

My cardinals!! Love baseball season

Planning another Disney trip -probably

blogging -although I have not been very good about it lately

going to see my grandma in rehab -this word has such a different meaning to me because of the media, she had hip surgery, I love that I can go and show her I care by remembering all the times she cared about me and was there for me!

The list could go on and on I am sure. I am also sure I will be adding to this list often!


Sariah English said...

What a great list! I bet it is nice to have all the company gone for a while. It is always so nice to the house back yourself for while. Wish I could have been some of your company!

Allison said...

I love Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan! Thanks for sharing your list!

Fideles Five said...

Hey! You'll have to stop by here on your way down to Disney! Maybe we'll join you.....we're going go some time while we live here in Florida! :O) Missing you!