Monday, April 27, 2009

okay, okay

Dang, I am lame. First things first! I thought I posted the blog winner long long ago and apparently never did! How did that happen. I will re post that entry and announce or re announce the big winner tomorrow. Sorry sorry!

Gosh what a crazy last few weeks we have had. It all started with Cherise (Andy's sister) and Karl's wedding. Out of town guests and fun visit from Brandon (Andy's brother) and family for almost 2 weeks, Easter, a Spring Fling, My birthday with a visit to the Melting Pot, Bennett's birthday and next week his party with his peeps. In all this we have had the flu in our home for far too long. Although I do not think it is the infamous swine flu, it stinks. BIG TIME! Just when the two boys were potty trained it all hit. My kids have never thrown up before so it was interesting for them. They kept saying they were "choking". It was so sad. Luckily the only one it did not hit was Mr. Paxman. I am so happy about that. Anyway through all of this I feel like I have been running full speed ahead for like 3 months straight with no time for anything extra. And here lies the blogging problem. Good news though, I found my cord to download my pics! I am very excited about that.

I also feel like until like the end of June I am so already wore out from my calendar. We have Bennett's party next week, Mothers Day the next week, landscaping our whole backyard, end of school things, a big lunch out with all the girls at Andy's office for being so awesome and bonus-ing this quarter! {I want to do something special for them and there are 7 of them, any ideas?}, planning a trip for the end of May early June, a big reunion with my 8 bff from high school for Susan's wedding, a field day, a field trip, guitar lessons for Bennett, Little gym including a show date and recital, T-ball starting for Cortland (how is that possible), Baseball for Bennett and swimming for Jadie and Maddox. Ok, I need a nap typing all of that.

So tonight is my night to download all these photos finally. Also another fun thing is we FINALLY got our foyer painted. This was a HUGE HUGE HUGE job. I had no idea it would be so hard and time consuming. I mean seriously. Our largest room in our home took 2 and a half gallons of paint and I bought 5 gallons and we went through them all for this foyer/hall. There were many moments where we wanted to give up. Especially see Andy up SO high up on his toes on a ladder reaching to get the top of this two story foyer. I kept saying, what it more important the hubs able to work and be with our family or a painted foyer. Obviously the first is more important, but as usual he gets everything done and works it out. There is nothing this guy cannot work out for me or us. Love that about him. Man I am lucky. Ok that is a totally different entry for another day.

Ok, so for now I am going to end this sporadic entry and download some pictures, until later...

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