Sunday, April 5, 2009

In my children's eyes

When we had the twins I always thought it was weird that me being a very dark brown eyed girl had all blue eyed children. Is brown not supposed to be the dominant. Well after researching it or Andy rather having a whole genetic class we realized that our children have their grandparents eyes so if the blue gene is dominant through me, then it actually isn't so weird. Anyway, well now we only have two children with blue eyes. I know weird.

We have Bennett whose at one time eyes were electric blue. I had never seen bluer eyes, and then through the years, the long almost 8 years mind you, they have decided to be green. I have always loved green eyes, so I am happy with that. They are beautiful and I wish you could see them better in this picture.

His freckles are so adorable, but you don't notice them nearly as much in real life as you do in this photo and holy eyebrow!

Then our little Jadeyn. Her eyes have always been blue and have remained blue for the time being at least. They have always been a real light sky blue which are as pretty as can be. There is a theme going on with this girl. Everything dainty, everything pretty and beautiful. Love it!

Cortland's eyes are also blue, but they are a deeper blue. Very beautiful! They remind me of his Uncle Brian's eyes. {hope that is not weird to say! love you paige} Actually a lot about this boy reminds me of his uncle B. He has a lot of his features I think. So his eyes have always been blue and I think they may stay blue, but give him a few years. Bennett's didn't turn till about Kindergarten.

Maddox my sweet Maddox. He has several nicknames in our house. Maddy, which yes I know is a girls name, but we still like it, teenie, because he is SO.DARN.TINY., chocolate chip or brownie, for obvious reasons I think. He is my only brown eyes child. His eyes melt my heart. They are so warm and sparkly. When he smiles his whole face lights up. I think I can say without a doubt these babies are staying brown for eternity.

That leads me to our caboose, well at least for now. This boy has got me puzzled. Everyone actually. Even the doc at his 6 month check up said, "WOW, I don't think I have even seen a color quite like this before". At first when he was first born they weren't as dark as Maddox's, but they did seem like the would be brown, but by day 4 or so, they had a dark blue tint throughout. Then as the months have gone by they, meaning his eyes, have no clue what they are doing. In the light the outsides of the color is blue and around the inside around the pupils is a brownish greenish perhaps a color that is unknown. This picture actually makes it look like his eyes are blue, but really there is no certain color. I am very interested to see what color they decide on. In the mean time, I want to squeeze him every single time I look at him and those eyes make him even extra cute!

So now when at one time we had three children with blue eyes, we are down to two children with blue eyes, one child with green eyes, one child with brown eyes and one unknown.


Karen said...

Hi, I read your blog since I read the Larsons:) Anyhow,my eyes are dark too, the first two kids have blue. I figured my kids would not have my eyes. The youngest does though! I think your baby's might still turn, or they might be hazel. Adorable kids:)

Sariah English said...

I think I could just eat some of your kids! They are so yummy! Oh, and they have beautiful eyes!