Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When the circus comes to town

Bennett's school only does programs or musicals in Kindergarten, second grade and fourth grade. I was so excited this year that they were doing something. They did a little show called When the Circus Comes to Town.
It was SO darling. I could not stand how cute it was. The kids loved it. I loved. My parents loved it.
Bennett was a flame swallower. We had to take a dowel and cotton candy and make his flame to swallow. It was so cute. They were all so darling. I am so happy I got this on video. It is so weird because so many times in our family I look at him being so old since he is so much older than my other children, but when I go to things like this I realize just how young a little 7 year olds really are. They were just all so darling. You could tell they just loved it. It was a fun night had by all.

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