Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My first

Tonight I was spending a little one on one time with my first born and it started...you know the quiver in your voice, tears welling in your eyes, heart beating a little faster just by thinking how grateful you are to be this child's mom. I do this often, and Bennett does not like when I get teary or heaven forbid me actually cry.

I had my arm around him and was laying back in the couch and I said
"Bennett, you know a little less than 8 years ago tonight I was sitting on the couch with a great big round belly and telling daddy I just want this baby out." I told Andy, " I am just so excited to see his face and put my hands around his sweet little cheeks and tell him I have been waiting my whole entire life for this very moment to meet you and thank him for making me a mommy." I told Bennett that and how grateful I am that Heavenly Father chose me, a very imperfect girl, to be in charge of a perfect being. How blessed am I that he is mine that I am his.

Bennett said as I was squeezing him with a hug in a rather bothered tone,
"Oh mom, why do you have to be crying for joy!"

Seriously. So. Darn. Cute.

It has almost been eight years. According to the paper chain on the pantry door only 4 days till he is in fact 8. So that means in four days it will have been eight years since his birth, it will be 8 years since I was born in some ways as well. Knowing joy is being a mother. I am very confident in that.

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Tanya said...

So cute! I cannot believe Bennett's almost 8! That is too crazy.