Friday, April 3, 2009

What's going on you ask?

Ok, maybe you didn't ask, but I will still tell.

I started an entry yesterday and got to the second paragraph and took a break, and still have not returned to it yet, that will be coming soon.

This weekend is either going to be a super big productive weekend, or really dissapointing. I have so much on my mind and so much I want to do, but it is executing it all that will be hard.

Tomorrow we have The Little Gym, three classes, a bridal shower, general conference (my personal favorite time of year), and our big project...painting the foyer! It is THE last thing I will have to paint in this whole house. It will be the 18th room painted. Counting the bathrooms and laundry room! It has taken us this long because it is a two story foyer and I have no idea how we are going to get to the top, but we are hoping it all works out. If not maybe we will start a new trend. Not only are we planning on getting that done this weekend, but we hope to have the house cleaned, laundry complete, and house ready for upcoming guests.

Andy's sister is getting married next weekend and we are so excited for all the family coming into town. I have to get going on my house though so it all runs smoothly. I also have to be ready for Easter before hand and the dinner we are having here on Sunday before we head to my Aunts house for the big family dinner. WOW that wears me out just typing all that out!

It should be a fun exciting week and weekend. So I should get off of here right now and start on my three page to do list right now!!!

Until later I am siging off!

PS Did I mention that 9/11 of the kids will be here and we are doing family pictures. We are really excited. We will, however, REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY miss Brian, Paige, Jillise, Joelle, Jaren, Sariah, Phoebe, Kimball, Warren, Matt, Sarah and Diana!

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SimplySarah said...

I will be off of school from Thurs-Monday of next week.
So, if you need any help with ANYTHING let me know!!!

see y'all later :)