Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For years now I have wanted a jewelry armoire {just found out that is the proper name for them}. Seriously. YEARS. I have hinted and showed Andy ones I like, but we just don't really do gifts for each other. Especially since we have moved into our new home where there are so many things to buy.

This past Christmas I found one I really loved at Target, of course, and planned on getting that either for Christmas or Birthday or Mothers Day. We we forgoed the Christmas gifts this year so I was really hoping for it for my birthday.

A week before my birthday I told Andy that I think it is time to get my jewelry out of the ziploc bags. Not that I have much of it, but come one, plastic bags are never a good source to hold your jewels!

He went to Target and target online and they ONLY CARRY THEM DURING CHRISTMASTIME! UGH!!! Oh well. So as for me and my jewels, you will see them in plastic bags for a while longer. Maybe finally when I find one a nice little eternity band will be inside?

I have checked SO many stores in the last week and NOTHING ANYWHERE!

Oh well, what can you do?

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gloria said...

I saw a cute one at jcpenny once. i think that is where it was.