Monday, April 27, 2009

Written on the wall

So my little creative Jadie, like to color, draw and read. She decided one day even though no one has ever written on the walls up to this point, that maybe we should. So one day as I am on the phone on the main level, I can hear the kids downstairs like normal and think nothing is up. I call them up for lunch and notice some Sharpie Marker on Jadeyn's little hand. I am confused because she knows those are mine and why would that be on her hand when the markers were up here with me. Well apparently there was one down stairs and little Jadeyn who normally is the one who comes running to me when anyone is doing something out of the norm decided the walls looked like a perfect empty canvas. I counted 17 smiley faces. When I went down there to see it, she didn't look scared or like I would even be upset. Like she did nothing wrong and I honeslty think she didn't not think anything was wrong. I wanted to laugh hard, but I didn't want her to do it again, so I told her that although her drawing is so pretty, it should only stay on the papers not EVER on the walls. I was so excited to show Andy that night when he got home. I guess I fogot to mention to Andy that I wanted to keep it up there at least for a while, because two days later he had painted over it once, so these photos are after a first coat paint touch up. Sharpies are amazing. Don't underestimate the artistic views of a three year old. That is all I have to say about that!

February 09

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