Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Family Pictures

Maddox is a daddy's boy through and through.

So while Andy's family were in town we had our family pictures take. Something I really want to do with my parents and brother and sister in law too. The last one we did we just had Bennett so I think it is time to update that too. I can't wait to get the photos back. I can't wait to hang it on my wall. I have the perfect spot for them. I just wish everyone would have been able to be in the picture. Maybe we can super impose them in or something.

The newlyweds. Yes they were there at 10am the morning after their wedding.

Brandon did not want to be left out of the photo ops. I got some great fun shots of him. What a cool guy. We had so much fun with him while he was here.
These girls are some of my very best friends. I am so lucky to have such amazing sister in laws. It is crazy to think when I met them they were babies. We have such a great time together and rarely go to bed before 2 when we are together.
Maddox loved the wide open spaces at the park.

As soon as we get the CD for those I will be sure to add them.

All I got that day was some random ones here and there. There are some pretty cool pics though. Enjoy!

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