Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Reception

Trying to get a whole group shot.

Andy's family. There were two siblings missing and 9 total. We missed you Matt, Brian, Paige, Sarah, Saraih, D, J, J, J, P, K and W.

Grandkids. There are 13 here and we are missing 7. The funniest thing is 9 of them are 3 and under. They were all so cute and all did amazing that whole day.

The cousins. They had SO much fun together. The three oldest boys played for hours and hours. They get a long SO well. Jadeyn loves Haley. I think she loved having a girl around here for a while!

Cherise and Andy.

These two are special buddies. They love each other.
They were dance partners most of the night.

This boy has moves and LOVES to dance!

This one, of course, was a perfect angel the whole day.

The chocolate fountain was so good, but everyone was a big mess!

He had his eye on those jelly beans the whole night!

These girls loved the cake and could not take their eyes off of it. It really was very beautiful!

The reception was so fun. The kids danced and played and danced and played and throw in an occasional trip to the chocolate fountain and it was a great time had by all! The kids had so much fun just running around. THEY DID SO WELL THIS WHOLE DAY! There was not one break down at all. It was a very LONG day too. We left around 11 and and got home around 11 so it was a really long day and everyone did so well. I am so proud of my kiddos for doing such a great job. The chocolate fountain was amazing. By the end of the night we were covered in chocolate and ready for our beds.

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