Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bouncy House

I caved. I did it. I have been wanting one of these things for years and could never bite the bullet to get one. I just could not imagine spending THAT much money on a fun toy. I had a friend at church who has had 8 children and close in age like mine. She told me over a year ago that bouncy houses were her saving graces. She said an hour before nap time she would have every one jump as hard and as much as they could and them let the out for a light snack before bed time and put them down. She said it was awesome because they always took great naps. Well that sounded good to me, but again could not find one in my budget or at least budget friendly.
Cut to last week while we were walking around Sam's and they had their summer toys on clearance. So I noticed it and it was a great deal. Less than half the even smaller ones I had looked into. So we got it. I felt a little sick making that big of a purchase on such whim, because I am a planner and try to be a saver, but in the week we have had it, I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever bought my kids. I really want a trampoline, but they are just too dangerous with our children at this stage of the game, so this is perfect! We love it. I have to admit I have even been in there a few times myself!

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Amandean said...

That is a great idea. I know the sense of not wanting to spend so much on a toy, but if it is worth it, more power to you! We have some friends who were going to rent one for a birthday party, but then they found one on sale for the same price as the rental. And they love it, too. And if you ever have a huge room, like in a basement, you could probably put it indoors in the winter. Great investment!