Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Day

Trying to get a good smile. The bottom picture is always the smile he shows when I have taken a few pictures and am not quite satisfied with his smile. It is the "ok, you are done, not just let me go" type of face! I love it and I surely love my little, big, boy.

I am kind of embarrassed for just now blogging about this. Bennett started school on August 14th. He was a little apprehensive about this year. He is in a new school because the reset all the boundaries in our large school district. I am thinking before he is out of grade school they will build another one probably closer to where we live so that will be nice. He was a little worried because everything is so new. After a few days he warmed up and really loves his teacher. She said that she has never had a student not pick a card in her class so Bennett has met his challenge. He is determined to not pick a card all year. He is so good and sweet, I do not doubt him. He is doing well this year and I am so thankful he likes to learn and does not struggle up to this point at least. He is a hard worker and sometimes I think he may be bored, but he still enjoys his time at school. His best friend is even in his class this year so that is an extra bonus. The bus comes later now too! Total bonus for me. So here's to a great school year with no pulled cards!

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