Friday, September 18, 2009

Fathers and Sons Campout and The Pink Party

Jadeyn wasn't so sure at first. She did warm up and loved getting her nails done.

Paxton stayed with the girls and he says pretty much the best thing of the night was his bottle.

Both of the girls are looking away and in opposite directions...interesting.

She is not allowed to wear makeup again till she is in college!

This is between you and I. If Andy finds out about this I will be dead, but Paxton was channeling his inner pink. Man he would be a beautiful girl!

My niece Natalie.

I am so happy these two girls are getting able to grow up together.
I hope and pray they will continue to be close and best friends.

My other niece Julia. We like her.

Loving the tent.
Walking to breakfast!
I could eat him up and just might!

I have always looked forward to the Father and Son's camp out that our church does every year. My little girl and I can do girly things and the boys can go out for a little bonding time! This year we invited Michelle and her girls over for our pink party. We dressed in pink and got the little girls finger nails painted and toes pink. We made pink crafts and went to Red Robin and got pink balloons there. We came home and had pink treats and made pink crafts. Then Michelle and I decided to dress up the little girls as princess kind of like our own little version of the crazy show toddlers and tiaras. The girls had so much fun. I am so happy we are far from make up days, because these pictures scare me. What a little beauty Jadie is. I love that girl and am SO happy she is mine.

The boys on the other hand. Such a boy thing, because they came home with 5 pictures and
these were the best of the five. They had fun and the boys just loved being with their dad and grandpa and uncle Marc. The only downside was they did not have smores! What kind of campout was this? We are still hoping to do a campout as a family this year and believe me, we will have smores!

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April Lowe Lloyd said...

Can Maddie and I come to your next pink party?