Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Love

My baby is growing up. Is it so cliche to say, "how on earth has it been one year already? Have we really had him this long already? Yet it feels like we have had him as a part of our family forever." I have said that pretty much in every one of my traditional birthday blogs for my kids. It is true though. Unbelievable.
Dear Paxton,
You truly are a little angel. Not just in the sense of being so good and sweet and so laid back. Yes you are all three of those things, but you have something about you that just puts people at ease, comfort and a feeling of peace. I can honestly say the best part of my day is when I walk in your room in the morning to get you up in the morning. Your smile brightens my day, my life. You make me so happy. You make it possible for me to do the things I need to do in my every day busy life and more importantly the things I get to do in my every day life, like be your mom. I feel so blessed as your mommy to have you as my little boy. The joy you bring to my life is indescribable. Your sweetness is unmeasurable and your spirit puts me in awe.
I remember a year ago as we were driving to the hospital to have you I felt nervous and anxious. How could I handle five kids? How could I handle five kids 7 and under? With two, two year olds and a one year old? The second I had you, I knew. I knew how I could handle it. You were born so I could. You were born so not only could I handle it all, but I could enjoy it and realize what a blessing it all is. Thank you. There has not been a day in your life that I have not felt that peace that I felt more than 365 days ago. You truly are heaven sent.
Thank you for being you. Thank you for picking me. I am honored and humbled to be your mom.
your mommy

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SimplySarah said...

aw. how cute!

hope he had a wonderful bday and bday party!! :)

and i hope poor corty is doing better!

Love y'all!