Thursday, September 17, 2009


In August Brandon, Andy's brother, called and said
they were coming to visit that week. We were all shocked. We just saw them in April for a wedding and we didn't think they would be back so soon.
It is so much fun when they come to town.
We pretty much have kids the same ages, so it is so nice. Bennett, Bradley, Brooklyn and Taylor start playing from the time they enter the door and we don't see them until we announce food. They love being together. Of course they all love to have Cami around to play with too! Haley is Jadeyn and Cortland's age so they along with Maddox play together really well. Then they just had a baby, Jason about 3 months after I had
Paxton so it was fun to have them together too. Michell, Marc, Natalie and Julia were able to
spend some time at our house as well while they were here.
We all had such a great time! Michelle and I can talk and talk and talk and we are most happy in the kitchen together.
We made all sorts of fun things while she was here. She mentioned how she loves being in the kitchen with me and I could not agree more.
Many games were played and movies watched and treats baked.
It was a perfect visit!

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