Sunday, September 27, 2009

The first PARTAY!

Opening the presents!

Having a talk with Aunt Nan.
Not so sure about this cake and the fire on top of the cake!Giving it a try...
Not so bad after all.

Now this is food!

Wanted nothing to do with this hat.

The cake maker/makes everything in the family. She was so nice to bring Andy's cake.
His favorite German Chocolate.
The twins thought it should be theirs. Andy shared. What a nice daddy.

When you are part of the E household, you get party(s) for your birthday. None of this we are only going to celebrate you birth and wonderfulness on one day folks. It is the norm to get oh, about 3-4. Fun stuff. We actually make it a point to have birthday weeks around here. I love it.
So the first party after he actual birthday we celebrated together as our little family, was Sunday September 20th. It was so fun to have family gathered around for such a special little boy. He loved it and I loved being able to celebrate him. He got some great things. Some really darling outfits, that is greatly needed only because the outfits he has have been used by 3 other boys, so it is nice for him to have his own. I found a little toy that I had when I was little, that I got him, he got a fun little shape sorter, and again some darling outfits and money. It was so fun.
This baby hasn't really had much other than fruits and veggies and formula. When we let him got at his cake, he kept looking at us as to say, "what the heck is going on here!" He enjoyed it and pretty much stuck with the icing and finally got to the actual cake part and decided to give up. He had enough. We gave him a bath and off to sleep he went while his own party continued without him!
It was a fun night. I am so thankful for my family that came over to celebrate this little guy with us. It means SO much to me and our little family. I feel blessed beyond belief to live so close to my family and have them be a big part of our celebratory times in our lives as well as our day to day lives. I love it!

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