Thursday, September 17, 2009


This summer we have loved our garden. We have gotten so much from our very first garden. We were able to can pickles, salsa and jam. We have made lots of soup and loved using our fresh herbs. I love that my kids are no strangers to veggies. They love them. Some nights that was all we had, just tons of veggies and dishes made solely of veggies. Yummy. The kids love to help daddy in the garden. They can't wait till it is picking time.

We have been making our own bread for sometime now. It is so easy and the kids love it. I usually make about 15 loaves and then freeze them if I think we will be busy for a few weeks. If not I like to make like 3 loaves on Monday morning for the week. There is nothing better than fresh bread especially when you top it with homemade jam!We have also really been into cupcakes this summer. We have made some pretty good ones. These are the strawberry lemon ones and then the BTS ones. So good. The kids just love cupcakes. They always think it has to be someones birthday when we make them! So funny.
Can you tell I let the kids help me decorate these? Still yummy though.

Cortland a litte eager to have a treat! I am not sure what is in his mouth!

In our efforts to be a little more social with the outside world we went to a friends house for the BYU/OK game. We won so it was worth it. I think we get so caught up in everything we need to do, taking care of the kids, being with our extended family and recovering from doing all that, they we just don't make friend a priority as we once did. So we made sure to go to the game and bring our Y treat to share! GO COUGS!

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April Lowe Lloyd said...

Now I think I need to get more creative with my game day treats!