Sunday, September 27, 2009

No more Cortland's jumping on the bed

September 19

My dear sweet Cortland had a bit of an accident. I wrote about it earlier in the blog, but am finally adding photos. On our way out the door to Andy's office to try and get my temporary to not keep me up all hours of the night, we heard Cortland crying upstairs next to his door. My mom who was going to stay home with the kiddos went up to check on him and we heard her yell down, "don't leave, Cortland is hurt!" Andy ran up and sure enough, he was hurt. Poor kid. He had a huge gouge on his nose right between his eyes and it was so swollen and black and blue. He face was like 3 times the size of his normal forehead. Poor kid. We took him to the ER and it was as if he was having fun. The waiting for four hours was not that fun for any of us. Andy was the worst one! He got some glue, I have got to figure out where to buy that stuff, I have been in the ER twice in the last two month and that is all they did, however, I have two hefty ER bills now over 900 a piece! Anyway, back to the story. They glued him and told his to keep an eye on him and the bruise and not to be alarmed because it would only get worse and it sure did. It didn't close up really well either. I feel bad for him. The bruising is still there and it looks sad even 1 week later, but getting better. So that is good. I am sure this will not be the last accident he will have either. I do know though that he has told me everyday since to not jump on my bed because I will get an big ouchie! Note taken, my friend!
Getting registered. For the record, Andy whipped out the camera here.

Nothing a Popsicle can't cure, right?

Check this adorable video of my cute Cortland in the "hothpitle".

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