Sunday, September 27, 2009

The "Geen" one

The color green has always kind of been Maddox's official color. It started long ago when I got them a blue, pink and green nite nite (blanket) that funny enough they all three, yes even the pink one, have become Cortland's. Anyway, the last month or so Maddox has become obsessed with the color green. Like I said it has always been his color, but now it is like some sort of crazy obsessive compulsive obsession. It is really cute though. His plate and cup have to be green, he only wants green food or green candy and treats and green crayons. He immediately picked Paxton's green balloons from his party and so on. The other kids even know not to get in the way of Maddox and his love for green. If the twins or Bennett see anything green they immediately start yelling for Maddox. It is cute. He is cute. I love this one with all I've got.

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