Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lesson Learned

So a few weeks ago we canned some salsa, really good salsa may I add. Before we started I reminded myself that I needed to pull out some gloves to seed so many jalapenos. While as I was getting started with them I remember I forgot the gloves, my hands seemed to be fine so I just kept on seeding them. Everything was fine till about an hour after we were done with the jalapenos. OH MY GOSH I HAVE NEVER HURT SO BAD BEFORE! I cannot express to you the pain I was in. I could melt a large ice cube in under 20 seconds just by holding it in my hand. I did not fall asleep till 5:30 AM and then only because I pretty much passed out I was so tired. It hurt for a good three days and up to a week I could still taste the spiciness of my hand. It was horrible.
Well cut to Paxton's party a week later and I think it is safe to say I learned my lesson when I decided to make Jalapenos stuff with cream cheese wrapped in bacon. Seriously so good, but not so on the healthy side:). I have learned my lesson and will never touch another pepper without a glove.

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