Monday, September 21, 2009

Month by Month

September 2008

Our sweet little baby. This was day 6 in the NICU. He finally was on room air and getting so much better. So cute. I loved being able to finally hold him and feed him and whisper in his ear how much he is loved!

October 2008

Sweet little sleeping baby, oh how I love them!

November 2008

We sure had a lot to be grateful for.

December 2008

His first Christmas. He was by far the best gift any of us got.

January 2009

Being the youngest of five sometimes is not quite as fun as others.

February 2009

I remember taking this little photo shoot. He melted my heart with all his smiles.
The love I have for this baby is out of control!
March 2009

Oh my gosh I cannot stand how adorable he is.
April 2009
This was the month that he really started to change looks a little bit. He started looking older, not quite so newborn any more. Still as cute as ever.

May 2009

Bright eyed baby!

June 2009

Enjoying a cookie a sibling snuck to him.

Being the yougest of five does have it's advantages sometimes.

July 2009

My sweet little boy with his funny little smile.

August 2009

Messy face and all, he is still a doll.

September 2009

Getting so big!

I made a little album of Paxton month by month since he was born. It was fun to look at his different stages and see his different looks. It is weird because Paxton 5 months ago looks so different, and a lot different from when he was born. It was so fun to look back over this past year at all the great shots I have of my sweet baby. I was just reminded of how much I truly love and adore this special boy. It has been the best 12 months so far our all of our lives. {I wonder if this will always be the case when we add another to our family?}

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gloria said...

what a cutie.. wish we could come and visit more often.

Oh, and Terica, I am VERY impressed! You have been a blog hog lately!! Good Job!!