Friday, September 25, 2009

the details...

paxton's first birthday

His cake that he dove into!

Cake for the guests!

The cake pops! If you haven't made these yet, go make them now. Super easy and super good!
I think one of my favorite parts about throwing a party has got to be the details. I guess some would think I go a little over board, but I love doing it all. I loved making the cupcake chocolate suckers as parting gifts although note to self...get more than one mold next time, that took forever! I loved getting such a steal at Sam's for 10 roses for 4 dollars and coloring them blue to be a bit more festive. I loved displaying a large new photo from Paxton's one year photo shoot. I love thinking about what snacks I will serve and what kind of cake I will attempt. I cut out several big 1's and hung them from the ceiling and add some blue tissue paper pom pons scattered through out the ceiling as well. I quickly made a little book of Paxton's first year month by month. I tried the cake balls which were a huge hit! It was so fun. Such a great first birthday! I love planning parties and some days I day dream about being an even planner.
It would never work because I am not a deligator and
I would want to do everything myself, and that would just not work.
For now I will be enjoying the several parties I get to plan each year for the 6 people I love!
More birthday pictures to come featuring the birthday boy himself!

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Amber said...

I love it! What fun. The cake is great.