Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yesterday and this week

I am sitting here at my computer wondering how my life got so crazy busy with out me noticing!

Yesterday it was going to be a great day of catching up for me. Since we just organized our storage room in the basement, pretty much my whole house is just how I want it. Yesterday I had a few loads of laundry to do and then I planned on getting ready for Paxton's party today. Well when we got home around noon, after 2 soccer games and The little gym, I decided to get some things done. I was having a hard time though because I chipped my annoying temporary bridge which is causing some major pain. Major, mind you. So my mom said she would watch the kids while we went up to the office to fix my teeth. As we were walking out the door, my mom yelled for Andy to come up to Cortland's room. He went up there to find a bloody and bruised little Cort. Poor guy. I guess he jumped into bed and hit his head right above his nose on his very sharp head board. It was a doozie. So Andy brought him down stairs. When I came in to see where Andy was I found a sad little Cortland. So off to the ER we went because he was really bruised and not able to see very well, not to mention the big old cut on his little face.

We sat in the ER for 3 hours. Yes THREE WHOLE HOURS OF MY SATURDAY THAT I WILL NEVER EVER GET BACK. Luckily Cortland was so good. He actually loved it. He loved the attention and when the workers would talk to him. Come to find out the DR. that saw him was the same DR. who looked at Paxton's head injury last month at a totally different hospital cities away. That was weird. But, anyway, he glued him up and told us to watch him for a concussion, although he was certain Cortland was fine. So after some glue, 3 hours and a purple Popsicle, we were all tired and hungry. We got home quickly and ate dinner. I still did not get my teeth fixed and the day I had everything planned out to get ahead here, did not go as planned. Oh well. Poor little Cortland looks like a mess. In between his eyes above his nose is literally three times the size it normally is. He looks so funny, not even like my little Cortland. He is black and blue and few other colors in there and red with a huge cut and swelling. To add to it all this morning was his very first primary program so he got to go looking extra cute today!

So this week is kind of crazy. Today we are having one of Paxton's parties. Tomorrow night we are having a FHE E side of the family birthday party honoring 6 birthdays. Tuesday we have scouts, Wednesday we have a soccer, Thursday we have swim lessons, Friday we have a birthday party to go to, Saturday Women's conference and then we are back to Sunday. Busy fun times. I don't really mind being busy, the only thing about it I do not like is the fact that it only makes this awesome life with these awesome 6 people that have joined me for the ride, go that much faster!

Pictures to follow, because you better believe I took the camera in with me to the ER.

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