Thursday, September 17, 2009

Maddox, August 2009

A Bandaid makes anything feel better doesn't it?

This little guy we sometimes refer to him as pig pin. He eats with his hands, he always has some sort of stain on his shirt, and constantly is getting hurt. Poor baby. He fell out of our back door down a few steps and he was so sad. It was bleeding pretty bad. So it actually did warrant a few bandaids. It would not stop bleeding and every morning when he would wake up I guess he would rub off the scabs when he was sleeping so he was bandaged up like this for a few days. It was so sad. Everywhere we went people would look at him strangely. It almost looked as if he just had plasctic surger and a nose job gone bad! Poor little guy. He has since recovered, but of course has had other injuried since!

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