Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love when the kids hit preschool age. They are so eager to learn, so imaginative so ready to learn the alphabet. They are little sponges that is one thing I know for sure. With Bennett I never did actual preschool. I did do a little mom and me preschool with some friends at church where we rotated the lessons and that was so fun. I miss those days and look back on them fondly. Bennett does too. Anyway, I just feel personally it is not needed for us and our family. I feel like we send our little ones off way too soon to be with someone else for so many hours during the day, why start earlier than I have to? I do not have anything wrong with preschools or mothers that send their kids to preschools, just for us, at the moment, we do not.

So when Bennett started back in school I started doing preschool with the the three little ones. It has been a lot of fun. They love learning. They LOVE it! Our little curriculum consists of different lessons of the Alphabet. We started with A so the whole week we learn about the letter A. Mondays we have a color sheet of a big letter A, we have a sheet where we trace A's then we have music time and then we do a game where we find the letter A that I hide around the house. Tuesdays we do another color page and I give them a bunch of letters and they circle all the letter A's on the page and a little craft, again followed by music time and find the letter A game. Wednesdays we make a special treat that starts with the letter A. All week our snack time revolves around that letter too. Thursdays we do a craft too and review the letters we have learned with music and games and then Fridays we do a field trip. They just love love love it.

When we were learning about letter C we made our own crayons with broken off pieces.

A letter C snack.

Making cookies for letter C.
Clowns for letter C.

I love my time with these little ones. I love their enthusiasm to learn. I love that I get them for 2 more years before sending them off to the "real" world!

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April Lowe Lloyd said...

This is so awesome! I love that you do this with your kids.