Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swim Lessons

This is Cortland. Behind the glass apparently does not make for good pictures.

Bennett swimming and swimming.

This fall we have decided to let the three older kids take swimming lessons. The first week was last week and it was a hit. Jadeyn even went in right away and did not hang on me till she warmed up which is a huge improvement! The loved it. The only down side is poor little Maddox always missed the cut off for all the little things we do. Bonus is he gets more one on one time with us, but the poor guy just doesn't understand why he doesn't get to do the things the twins do when in his mind they are the same age same circumstance. Anyway, once he hits the magical age of three and in potty trained he will be able to do more with them, however, I am not wishing his little two year old body away anytime soon!

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