Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First ouchie...

Poor little Paxton the day we got home got his first ouchie. Funny enough he was injured with a souvenir we brought back with us for the kids. Maddox was walking towards Paxton and Paxton was crawling full speed ahead and the collided. Paxton's first wound was due to a ukulele.

I looked at it and he wasn't crying and as I was putting him down i noticed blood. Lots of it actually. I had Andy look at it and normally he brushes everything off. This time he agreed we should take him to the ER. So off we went. I got there and luckily they were not busy at all, we got right in. We were taken back to our room and the nurse came in and fell in love with this little boy. She held him for 20 minutes. She could not get enough of him, like most people. The Doctor came back and agreed it was pretty bad and he said they would glue it. He left for a little while and about that time my mom showed up. She is just the greatest grandma. When she heard she came right to the hospital. It was nice having someone there with me.

The doctor came in and said that he will cry a lot and the three of us will need to hold him down while he cleans out the wound and takes off the scab. Then he said he will really cry when we glue it down. Ah, ok, sounds like fun, right? Well little Paxton laid down on the adult sized bed and we were bracing our selves to hold him down, the doctor started and all Paxton did was flirt with the nurse. He did not even flinch when they cleaned out the wound or placed the glue on it, it was unbelievable. I mean, he is a good baby, but this was crazy!

After they were done, they sent us on our way. He did such a great job, and honestly I kind of enjoyed our little time together. I love my little guy. He is such a treasure.
Look at those two cute little teeth. He finally has four teeth. So cute. He is clapping in the picture which is one of his favorite tricks, along with waving and saying bye-bye and uh-oh. I am in love. That is all I can say about this.

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