Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I think it is kind of cool that our first child's birthday is around mine and our last {for now at least} is around Andy's birthday. That is kind of fun.

Today is my husbands birthday. What a fun day we had. The kids and I got up extra early and started our morning off with running a few errands which included a trip to the Lou to the Cup Cakery. An endodontist sent his office a dozen cupcakes last Christmas and he has been raving about them ever since so we decided to make the drive over and get some to hand deliver to his office to celebrate his day. It is so much easier now going places with the kids than even 6 months ago. Two of the four can get in their seats and buckle AND unbuckle themselves which seriously is a treat like no other AND J or C willingly and lovingly like to buckle Maddox in and unbuckle. It is like so easy now, plus they are a little older so listening and being able to walk in stores and "getting" bribes is so much easier. So we have been venturing out a lot more. We were becoming shut ins for a while there, but anyway, so after the cupcake place we ran a few more errands and one of them happened to be Target. We came out to our car and it did not start. I didn't panic at first until I tried calling several people and no one answered and no one even asked me what was going on or stopped to ask if they could help and when I would ask someone they honestly would just stare at me. So weird. So finally this nice guy came out of the store and said your ride hasn't come yet and I said actually I haven't been able to get a hold of anyone, so he said let me check if I have jumpers and sure enough he did. I was so thankful to this guy. He asked how old my patient children were in the car and I told him and he was shocked I had that many kids in the car and said he had three grandchildren those ages and I told him well these kids grandparents will be very grateful you helped their grandchildren. I couldn't almost get that out and had tears in my eyes because seriously I was so grateful. Finally we got back on the road and we went to pick up lunch for Andy and got to his office. The kids practiced a birthday song all the way there, when they got there they told him Happy Birthday gave his office the cupcakes and we ate lunch together. I could tell Andy was so happy we were there. I think it really made his day more special. After lunch we came home and I put the kids down for their naps after a long morning and afternoon and got started on Andy's requested dinner of The Pioneer Woman's Lasagna. Got the house picked up and he got home and not long after that my Grandparents arrived to celebrate with us. We had dinner and Andy opened his gifts and then we had some more cupcakes.

It was a great day. I felt really productive and I loved that we got to do something a little out of the ordinary for Andy's birthday. I could tell he really was so happy to have us up at his office. I just love that man so much. I feel so privileged to be his wife. I sometimes wonder, why me? How did I get so lucky. He is just everything I have ever wanted and more. He picks up where I leave off...he understands my feelings...he knows what to say...he doesn't just help around the house he wholeheartedly believes we are equals...he provides for our family and supports us in what we do...he enjoys being with us and counts that time an honor...he has never belittled me or made me feel anything less than wonderful. He is amazing. He knows who he is, he knows what he wants, he knows what is important and am I ever grateful for that. Thank you. This day I celebrate you Andy. I am grateful that 32 years ago a wonderful soul was born. I am grateful that 32 years later we are together forever.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A year ago today

A year ago today was a very special day for us. After a long 11 days, that felt more like 11 months, we brought our precious baby boy home. Our fifth child joined our household. It was such a special day. The other children finally realized that he was ours and would be joining us forever. It became real to them and even to us. The other night I was staring at five pictures that hang just beside my bed and I remember the one night I came home to sleep during those 11 days that soon there would be five pictures frames instead of the four that hung there at the time. It seemed impossible since I do not take those pictures until about a year of age.
I just wanted to get him home, definitely not think of him a year from then.
And now here we are a year later. His picture is hung and he is a vital role in this family.
Without him we would not be complete.
Those 11 days were sure a whirlwind. For the most part I knew it was all a matter of time, he would get healthy and we would be on our way, but there were some times that I would just break down. I couldn't handle another minute in there. Not one more second. We kept getting the, "he should be able to go home within 24 hours" spiel a lot and it never happened. So obviously something was not right. I have to say though there was not one minute that we were in the hospital that I did not feel my Heavenly Father near me and Paxton. I knew the Lord had a hand in it. I knew on His time our baby would become better and we would then be on our way. How grateful was I for the peace and comfort the whole time we were in there. I missed my other children terribly and my husband. I still tear up every time I think how much mom and dad helped out and my sister in law Michelle. Without them those 11 days would not have just been hard, but seriously impossible to complete. I am tearing up right now just thinking about the selfless love they showed me, Paxton and our family.
I am so grateful for the love that was shown that entire time.

Miracles do happen. I am confident I know who is providing those miracles and am grateful for my darling little miracle. Life could not be better with him in it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The "Geen" one

The color green has always kind of been Maddox's official color. It started long ago when I got them a blue, pink and green nite nite (blanket) that funny enough they all three, yes even the pink one, have become Cortland's. Anyway, the last month or so Maddox has become obsessed with the color green. Like I said it has always been his color, but now it is like some sort of crazy obsessive compulsive obsession. It is really cute though. His plate and cup have to be green, he only wants green food or green candy and treats and green crayons. He immediately picked Paxton's green balloons from his party and so on. The other kids even know not to get in the way of Maddox and his love for green. If the twins or Bennett see anything green they immediately start yelling for Maddox. It is cute. He is cute. I love this one with all I've got.


This one has kind of taken to the stairs. He will sometimes go all the way to the top and if you follow him he laughs hard like he is being chased and is giddy as all get out. He normally just stays on the bottom three steps and pats the stairs and comes back down. He is ok getting down just the three of four steps, but I don't trust him fully yet. To be honest I am kind of surprised it has taken him this long to realize that they are there. He isn't really that fascinated by them even still and rarely encounters them for the most part. He is such a good baby. I have to say the looks he gives me when I tell him no-no, which he has never been told before because he is so good, when he is going up the steps is absolutely adorable!

Lesson Learned

So a few weeks ago we canned some salsa, really good salsa may I add. Before we started I reminded myself that I needed to pull out some gloves to seed so many jalapenos. While as I was getting started with them I remember I forgot the gloves, my hands seemed to be fine so I just kept on seeding them. Everything was fine till about an hour after we were done with the jalapenos. OH MY GOSH I HAVE NEVER HURT SO BAD BEFORE! I cannot express to you the pain I was in. I could melt a large ice cube in under 20 seconds just by holding it in my hand. I did not fall asleep till 5:30 AM and then only because I pretty much passed out I was so tired. It hurt for a good three days and up to a week I could still taste the spiciness of my hand. It was horrible.
Well cut to Paxton's party a week later and I think it is safe to say I learned my lesson when I decided to make Jalapenos stuff with cream cheese wrapped in bacon. Seriously so good, but not so on the healthy side:). I have learned my lesson and will never touch another pepper without a glove.

September 17, 2009

Today was my baby's birthday. How can it have already been a year. How is that possible. I have been so blessed with such great kids. I have been so blessed with such great babies. This baby has been a huge blessing that can not be described in words how much of a blessing he really has been. On his actual birthday we let him stay up a little bit just with his mom and dad. It was fun playing around with him just the three of us. He thought it was such a treat to have mommy and daddy all to himself. We thought it was just as wonderful as a treat as well. I love this boy to pieces. Thanks Paxton for being part of our family. It would not be the same without you. It would not be nearly as perfect.
Stats at age ONE
23 pounds 50th percentile
I cannot for the life of me remember the length, I do have the paper somewhere though 85th percentile for length
brown hair and finally a decided eye color of BROWN
Has taken up to three steps
Has four teeth, two top and two bottom
Loves to clap, give high fives and wave
Has about a 10 word vocabulary that is recognisable
Gets sad when a stranger takes him from mom or dad
Loves his siblings and having them play with him
For the first time wore shoes in his birthday month...weird, I know
Sings and hums all day long
Loves to kiss
Is adored by all!

First Day

Trying to get a good smile. The bottom picture is always the smile he shows when I have taken a few pictures and am not quite satisfied with his smile. It is the "ok, you are done, not just let me go" type of face! I love it and I surely love my little, big, boy.

I am kind of embarrassed for just now blogging about this. Bennett started school on August 14th. He was a little apprehensive about this year. He is in a new school because the reset all the boundaries in our large school district. I am thinking before he is out of grade school they will build another one probably closer to where we live so that will be nice. He was a little worried because everything is so new. After a few days he warmed up and really loves his teacher. She said that she has never had a student not pick a card in her class so Bennett has met his challenge. He is determined to not pick a card all year. He is so good and sweet, I do not doubt him. He is doing well this year and I am so thankful he likes to learn and does not struggle up to this point at least. He is a hard worker and sometimes I think he may be bored, but he still enjoys his time at school. His best friend is even in his class this year so that is an extra bonus. The bus comes later now too! Total bonus for me. So here's to a great school year with no pulled cards!

No more Cortland's jumping on the bed

September 19

My dear sweet Cortland had a bit of an accident. I wrote about it earlier in the blog, but am finally adding photos. On our way out the door to Andy's office to try and get my temporary to not keep me up all hours of the night, we heard Cortland crying upstairs next to his door. My mom who was going to stay home with the kiddos went up to check on him and we heard her yell down, "don't leave, Cortland is hurt!" Andy ran up and sure enough, he was hurt. Poor kid. He had a huge gouge on his nose right between his eyes and it was so swollen and black and blue. He face was like 3 times the size of his normal forehead. Poor kid. We took him to the ER and it was as if he was having fun. The waiting for four hours was not that fun for any of us. Andy was the worst one! He got some glue, I have got to figure out where to buy that stuff, I have been in the ER twice in the last two month and that is all they did, however, I have two hefty ER bills now over 900 a piece! Anyway, back to the story. They glued him and told his to keep an eye on him and the bruise and not to be alarmed because it would only get worse and it sure did. It didn't close up really well either. I feel bad for him. The bruising is still there and it looks sad even 1 week later, but getting better. So that is good. I am sure this will not be the last accident he will have either. I do know though that he has told me everyday since to not jump on my bed because I will get an big ouchie! Note taken, my friend!
Getting registered. For the record, Andy whipped out the camera here.

Nothing a Popsicle can't cure, right?


Check this adorable video of my cute Cortland in the "hothpitle".


Wouldn't life be that much more grand if we could have these
fresh beauties in our homes everyday.
I think mine would.
Gotta love Sam's deal of the day.
10 roses for 4 bucks!

The first PARTAY!

Opening the presents!

Having a talk with Aunt Nan.
Not so sure about this cake and the fire on top of the cake!Giving it a try...
Not so bad after all.

Now this is food!

Wanted nothing to do with this hat.

The cake maker/makes everything in the family. She was so nice to bring Andy's cake.
His favorite German Chocolate.
The twins thought it should be theirs. Andy shared. What a nice daddy.

When you are part of the E household, you get party(s) for your birthday. None of this we are only going to celebrate you birth and wonderfulness on one day folks. It is the norm to get oh, about 3-4. Fun stuff. We actually make it a point to have birthday weeks around here. I love it.
So the first party after he actual birthday we celebrated together as our little family, was Sunday September 20th. It was so fun to have family gathered around for such a special little boy. He loved it and I loved being able to celebrate him. He got some great things. Some really darling outfits, that is greatly needed only because the outfits he has have been used by 3 other boys, so it is nice for him to have his own. I found a little toy that I had when I was little, that I got him, he got a fun little shape sorter, and again some darling outfits and money. It was so fun.
This baby hasn't really had much other than fruits and veggies and formula. When we let him got at his cake, he kept looking at us as to say, "what the heck is going on here!" He enjoyed it and pretty much stuck with the icing and finally got to the actual cake part and decided to give up. He had enough. We gave him a bath and off to sleep he went while his own party continued without him!
It was a fun night. I am so thankful for my family that came over to celebrate this little guy with us. It means SO much to me and our little family. I feel blessed beyond belief to live so close to my family and have them be a big part of our celebratory times in our lives as well as our day to day lives. I love it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

the details...

paxton's first birthday

His cake that he dove into!

Cake for the guests!

The cake pops! If you haven't made these yet, go make them now. Super easy and super good!
I think one of my favorite parts about throwing a party has got to be the details. I guess some would think I go a little over board, but I love doing it all. I loved making the cupcake chocolate suckers as parting gifts although note to self...get more than one mold next time, that took forever! I loved getting such a steal at Sam's for 10 roses for 4 dollars and coloring them blue to be a bit more festive. I loved displaying a large new photo from Paxton's one year photo shoot. I love thinking about what snacks I will serve and what kind of cake I will attempt. I cut out several big 1's and hung them from the ceiling and add some blue tissue paper pom pons scattered through out the ceiling as well. I quickly made a little book of Paxton's first year month by month. I tried the cake balls which were a huge hit! It was so fun. Such a great first birthday! I love planning parties and some days I day dream about being an even planner.
It would never work because I am not a deligator and
I would want to do everything myself, and that would just not work.
For now I will be enjoying the several parties I get to plan each year for the 6 people I love!
More birthday pictures to come featuring the birthday boy himself!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All in one day

He talks and walks!

Yesterday I saw him try to lift up his one foot to take a step, he wobbled a little bit then sat down and crawled away. He hasn't really been into walking, other than pulling himself up and cruising and then walking assisted. Well today, the little sweetheart, took three steps, and now he thinks it is awesome. I really don't want him walking yet, that will throw us right our of baby hood and right into big boy hood and I am not quite ready for that.

Then when I was talking to our dog, I said, "DON'T, STOP" and he repeated it.
I really need to watch my tone, even with the dog I guess.
My little baby is growing up and I am pretty sure that is not going to go well for me.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Month by Month

September 2008

Our sweet little baby. This was day 6 in the NICU. He finally was on room air and getting so much better. So cute. I loved being able to finally hold him and feed him and whisper in his ear how much he is loved!

October 2008

Sweet little sleeping baby, oh how I love them!

November 2008

We sure had a lot to be grateful for.

December 2008

His first Christmas. He was by far the best gift any of us got.

January 2009

Being the youngest of five sometimes is not quite as fun as others.

February 2009

I remember taking this little photo shoot. He melted my heart with all his smiles.
The love I have for this baby is out of control!
March 2009

Oh my gosh I cannot stand how adorable he is.
April 2009
This was the month that he really started to change looks a little bit. He started looking older, not quite so newborn any more. Still as cute as ever.

May 2009

Bright eyed baby!

June 2009

Enjoying a cookie a sibling snuck to him.

Being the yougest of five does have it's advantages sometimes.

July 2009

My sweet little boy with his funny little smile.

August 2009

Messy face and all, he is still a doll.

September 2009

Getting so big!

I made a little album of Paxton month by month since he was born. It was fun to look at his different stages and see his different looks. It is weird because Paxton 5 months ago looks so different, and a lot different from when he was born. It was so fun to look back over this past year at all the great shots I have of my sweet baby. I was just reminded of how much I truly love and adore this special boy. It has been the best 12 months so far our all of our lives. {I wonder if this will always be the case when we add another to our family?}

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Love

My baby is growing up. Is it so cliche to say, "how on earth has it been one year already? Have we really had him this long already? Yet it feels like we have had him as a part of our family forever." I have said that pretty much in every one of my traditional birthday blogs for my kids. It is true though. Unbelievable.
Dear Paxton,
You truly are a little angel. Not just in the sense of being so good and sweet and so laid back. Yes you are all three of those things, but you have something about you that just puts people at ease, comfort and a feeling of peace. I can honestly say the best part of my day is when I walk in your room in the morning to get you up in the morning. Your smile brightens my day, my life. You make me so happy. You make it possible for me to do the things I need to do in my every day busy life and more importantly the things I get to do in my every day life, like be your mom. I feel so blessed as your mommy to have you as my little boy. The joy you bring to my life is indescribable. Your sweetness is unmeasurable and your spirit puts me in awe.
I remember a year ago as we were driving to the hospital to have you I felt nervous and anxious. How could I handle five kids? How could I handle five kids 7 and under? With two, two year olds and a one year old? The second I had you, I knew. I knew how I could handle it. You were born so I could. You were born so not only could I handle it all, but I could enjoy it and realize what a blessing it all is. Thank you. There has not been a day in your life that I have not felt that peace that I felt more than 365 days ago. You truly are heaven sent.
Thank you for being you. Thank you for picking me. I am honored and humbled to be your mom.
your mommy

Yesterday and this week

I am sitting here at my computer wondering how my life got so crazy busy with out me noticing!

Yesterday it was going to be a great day of catching up for me. Since we just organized our storage room in the basement, pretty much my whole house is just how I want it. Yesterday I had a few loads of laundry to do and then I planned on getting ready for Paxton's party today. Well when we got home around noon, after 2 soccer games and The little gym, I decided to get some things done. I was having a hard time though because I chipped my annoying temporary bridge which is causing some major pain. Major, mind you. So my mom said she would watch the kids while we went up to the office to fix my teeth. As we were walking out the door, my mom yelled for Andy to come up to Cortland's room. He went up there to find a bloody and bruised little Cort. Poor guy. I guess he jumped into bed and hit his head right above his nose on his very sharp head board. It was a doozie. So Andy brought him down stairs. When I came in to see where Andy was I found a sad little Cortland. So off to the ER we went because he was really bruised and not able to see very well, not to mention the big old cut on his little face.

We sat in the ER for 3 hours. Yes THREE WHOLE HOURS OF MY SATURDAY THAT I WILL NEVER EVER GET BACK. Luckily Cortland was so good. He actually loved it. He loved the attention and when the workers would talk to him. Come to find out the DR. that saw him was the same DR. who looked at Paxton's head injury last month at a totally different hospital cities away. That was weird. But, anyway, he glued him up and told us to watch him for a concussion, although he was certain Cortland was fine. So after some glue, 3 hours and a purple Popsicle, we were all tired and hungry. We got home quickly and ate dinner. I still did not get my teeth fixed and the day I had everything planned out to get ahead here, did not go as planned. Oh well. Poor little Cortland looks like a mess. In between his eyes above his nose is literally three times the size it normally is. He looks so funny, not even like my little Cortland. He is black and blue and few other colors in there and red with a huge cut and swelling. To add to it all this morning was his very first primary program so he got to go looking extra cute today!

So this week is kind of crazy. Today we are having one of Paxton's parties. Tomorrow night we are having a FHE E side of the family birthday party honoring 6 birthdays. Tuesday we have scouts, Wednesday we have a soccer, Thursday we have swim lessons, Friday we have a birthday party to go to, Saturday Women's conference and then we are back to Sunday. Busy fun times. I don't really mind being busy, the only thing about it I do not like is the fact that it only makes this awesome life with these awesome 6 people that have joined me for the ride, go that much faster!

Pictures to follow, because you better believe I took the camera in with me to the ER.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fathers and Sons Campout and The Pink Party

Jadeyn wasn't so sure at first. She did warm up and loved getting her nails done.

Paxton stayed with the girls and he says pretty much the best thing of the night was his bottle.

Both of the girls are looking away and in opposite directions...interesting.

She is not allowed to wear makeup again till she is in college!

This is between you and I. If Andy finds out about this I will be dead, but Paxton was channeling his inner pink. Man he would be a beautiful girl!

My niece Natalie.

I am so happy these two girls are getting able to grow up together.
I hope and pray they will continue to be close and best friends.

My other niece Julia. We like her.

Loving the tent.
Walking to breakfast!
I could eat him up and just might!

I have always looked forward to the Father and Son's camp out that our church does every year. My little girl and I can do girly things and the boys can go out for a little bonding time! This year we invited Michelle and her girls over for our pink party. We dressed in pink and got the little girls finger nails painted and toes pink. We made pink crafts and went to Red Robin and got pink balloons there. We came home and had pink treats and made pink crafts. Then Michelle and I decided to dress up the little girls as princess kind of like our own little version of the crazy show toddlers and tiaras. The girls had so much fun. I am so happy we are far from make up days, because these pictures scare me. What a little beauty Jadie is. I love that girl and am SO happy she is mine.

The boys on the other hand. Such a boy thing, because they came home with 5 pictures and
these were the best of the five. They had fun and the boys just loved being with their dad and grandpa and uncle Marc. The only downside was they did not have smores! What kind of campout was this? We are still hoping to do a campout as a family this year and believe me, we will have smores!